State stock masks: new pharmacy supply this week

>>State stock masks: new pharmacy supply this week

State stock masks: new pharmacy supply this week

The pharmacies receive this week (week 14) a new supply of masks from the state stock for distribution to health professionals and for their use. This routing is carried out by the wholesalers-distributors. 

Consult  the information document  relating to the distribution of masks to healthcare professionals . 

Compared to previous communications, the following information has been clarified: 

  • Endowments are now defined both on the basis of the epidemic situation and the activity of the Cenforceonline pharmacy;
  • The mask boxes delivered must be opened in order to give the corresponding quantity to each practitioner for one week per unit. 

Distribution traceability is unchanged at this stage. For more information, see  the news on this subject . 

Consult the last  DGS-Urgent 2020-INF-18  of 27/03/2020 concerning the endowments in masks.


For up-to-date information on all pharmacy topics related to Covid-19, see the Frequently Asked Questions on the Order’s website.

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