Family violence: the dispensary as a place of alert

>>Family violence: the dispensary as a place of alert

Family violence: the dispensary as a place of alert

A system for reporting domestic violence via community pharmacies has been developed by the Ministry of the Interior with the support of the National Order of Pharmacists. This approach is taking place in the current context of containment linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, generating a sharp increase in reports of violence.

The number of reports of domestic violence jumped more than 30% during the first weeks of confinement. In this singular and restrictive context, the pharmacist can be brought into contact with victims or witnesses of domestic violence. As a professional of first resort, it legitimately constitutes a possible point of support for alerting the police. In addition, thanks to the regional network, pharmacies are as close as possible to the people concerned and a pharmacy is always available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

In this context, the Ministry of the Interior, in conjunction with the National Order of Pharmacists and representatives of the profession, has set up a system within pharmacies, inspired by European experiences (notably Spain), to alert the police in situations of domestic violence and allow them, if necessary, to intervene in an emergency. 

The National Order of Pharmacists is aware that the pharmacy teams are already extremely mobilized in the current context of the Covid-19 epidemic, but the contact they continue to maintain with their patients “makes their role indispensable in this regard” . This system complements the telephone numbers 39 19 (Violences femmes info) and 119 (Allo childhood ill-treated). 

A “reflex sheet” detailing the procedure to be followed in the face of a person spontaneously evoking being a victim or witness of family violence, as well as several communication tools are made available to pharmacists via Cespharm  to support them in this context.

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